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Customizable and flexible for custom branded integration.
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Sweepstakes Solutions Tailored to Twitter

From small business to enterprise solutions, our robust platform provides everything you need to run a Sweepstakes through Twitter, that meets and exceeds your marketing objectives.

Our team will help you determine the optimal prizes and reward distribution strategy. Offer a one time prize - cash, discounts, coupons, or product - to entrants. Or, give participants extra motivation to engage, with more chances to win by configuring your sweepstakes with a grand prize, first prize, second prize and multiple smaller prizes.

Control the number of winners, frequency of winners - monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly - based on your requirements. NextBee will be there every step of the way to manage the set up and implementation of your sweepstakes. Our team will build everything needed for the program in a matter of weeks, keeping you updated throughout, and your team will only need 1 to 3 hours to integrate everything into your site.

With flexible integration solutions, NextBee will make your sweepstakes an exciting component of how users experience your brand. We will create branded entry forms that can be hosted as landing pages on your domain, a microsite (e.g., yoursite.nextbee.com), a subdomain, or hosted directly within your main pages using widgets, banners or iFrames.

These forms can be configured to capture names, email addresses, or other valuable information about your users to build your database; and include a checkbox for users to agree to terms and conditions (we'll help you set those up too) to ensure your sweepstakes adheres to all of Twitter's rules and regulations.

Single Sign on (SSO) functionality greatly increases participation by letting users enter and create an account on your site by using their existing login credentials from Facebook or Twitter. NextBee will help brainstorm your campaign based on your requirements, and help you to come up with the best ROI positive campaign possible.

Get your customers to drive the dialogue and expand your Twitter reach by defining the terms of your sweepstakes. Let users enter only if they follow your brand to increase your following and build a community receptive to future offers.

Encourage reTweets and get your hashtags trending by hosting a number of pre-written tweets on your entry page that users can click on and Tweet to enter. Drive traffic to specific products by rewarding users who reTweet your links.

Increased Sharing and Repeat Participation

Put your sweepstakes on the path to viral spread and keep your loyal followers engaged with our rich set of sharing features. Give entrants a unique referral code that they can tweet or share across channels - when someone signs up using their link, they'll be rewarded with additional entries or an instant prize. Incorporate leader boards into your customer area to further incentivize users who share the most, and spread your brand the farthest.

Identify the most influential Twitter handles and turn them into powerful brand advocates by offering differing levels of rewards based on the number of followers they have.

Detailed Tracking and Unparalleled Results

NextBee's software tracks every detail of your sweepstakes to keep you in the driver's seat and give you invaluable insights on your market. Our dashboards let you segment and review reports by:

  • Date Range
  • Member Entries
  • Tweets, re-tweets and hashtags
  • the list goes on...

If there is ever a specific report you need that isn't in our standard list of reports, simply send a message to your account manager and they'll get it sent out to you right away.

NextBee is relentlessly focused on user experience, customer service and comprehensive reporting, because we want nothing more than for your sweepstakes to be a resounding, ROI positive success that brings monetized reach and brand awareness you can't match anywhere else.

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